Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My First Creature Couple!

Female greenware.

Female greenware.

Male greenware.

Male greenware.

Female bisque ware. With Tera Sig and an under-glaze.

The clear glazed pieces waiting for the final firing.

Here they are finished.

I was thinking about call these creature Ick-a-boos? It just seems fitting. The brighter one is the male. The tentacles around the males neck stretch and grab the female by her protective head plate when he chooses a mate. This markings are meant to attract a mate. The males are smaller the female. The female size is meant to help protect it's young.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Greenware. with tera sig and under glaze, side.

Greenware. with tera sig and under glaze, front.

Bisque with clear glaze. Tenmoku around the outter edge.
Done, side.

This was inspired by the fact the my family has a inter taxidermy loans system. So I decided to make this creature, I've been asked "what is it?" and the only thing I can say about them is that they are things?

2nd Set of Mates

The male (top one) greenware. The female bisque fired and glazed with an iron rub wait for the final firing.

The greenware female with tera sig.

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Here they are!

I'm thinking of calling these liz-a-boo's?


Crow-ish greenware.


Glazed (TENMOKU) and ready to be fired!

Finished product.

Group Pics

Here are a few in the works group pics of my creature feature!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Front of my octopus glazed and waiting to be fired.

Side view.

During my independent study the last piece I made was and octopus on a rock. I wanted to explore how creatures interact with their space. So the octopus is glazed almost the exact same as the rock. Now in my current semester I wanted to add an octopus to a wall hanging but it went very wrong but so right. I abandoned the the octopus and looked at the start and started to see another creature emerge. This crow! My instructor encouraged me to do two things make wall hangings and continue to create creatures.

My Crow green wear

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rock... (Part 2 Needs a humans touch)

Still looking back after the rock formation I wanted to incorporate my interest in environments. I'm not talking about going green (thought I do encourage recycling!) but living environments. I am that creepy person who lives to go on x mas home tour just because I want to see different living environments! This curiosity also goes with where artist work as well I love college open houses!
Back at the ranch ceramic wise I decide to explore the human touch to rock formations. This lead to caves,door ways and an attempt to show mans impression on nature.

At the end of the semester though I decided to implement a creature that I adore, the octopus thing about how humans aren't earths on inhabitants.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Monument Rock's Hole in the wall and mine (its in the kiln now so its bisque fire here)

I feel like before I can make updates on my current work I need to fill you (who happens to stumble upon this shot in the dark blog) in on where my ceramics began. When I was first formally introduced to ceramics my teacher encouraged his to make series and to draw our work from ourselves. I took to hand building quickly, while throwing fell to the way side.
The place I ended up going was as seen in the my first post was my grandparents. The canons so I started making many large rock formations. This also carried into my 2nd ceramics class (an independent study) at Pitt State. To start took actual formations and altered them. I would either try and do them from memory or I tried to add an element to alter the forms dimensions.

The Arizona Wave and my "bowl"

Castle Rock the real one and mine

These are only 2 of the my larger pieces I will try to post the other piece at a later time.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Growing up I spent almost all my summers at my grandparents in western Kansas. The two places I spent all of my time was at the canyons and the local pool.
This work started a with my castle rock the natural monument from my childhood.
Then followed the rest of my rock formations.
Castle Rock, 2009