Thursday, April 15, 2010


Monument Rock's Hole in the wall and mine (its in the kiln now so its bisque fire here)

I feel like before I can make updates on my current work I need to fill you (who happens to stumble upon this shot in the dark blog) in on where my ceramics began. When I was first formally introduced to ceramics my teacher encouraged his to make series and to draw our work from ourselves. I took to hand building quickly, while throwing fell to the way side.
The place I ended up going was as seen in the my first post was my grandparents. The canons so I started making many large rock formations. This also carried into my 2nd ceramics class (an independent study) at Pitt State. To start took actual formations and altered them. I would either try and do them from memory or I tried to add an element to alter the forms dimensions.

The Arizona Wave and my "bowl"

Castle Rock the real one and mine

These are only 2 of the my larger pieces I will try to post the other piece at a later time.

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